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Value Creation with Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is popular for a couple of years. But what is it? Is it a mobile app?
Or maybe it is the new web app of another fast-growing startup.

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Different industries,
wider perspective

If you feel confused about digital transformation, this podcast may help you. The Digital Transformation Podcast hosts thought leaders, founders, futurists and corporate managers. From startups to governments; learn how digital transformation creates value for stakeholders.

Digital Transformation

This episode starts with the definition of digital transformation.
We hear the term digital transformation a lot. But what does it mean? "Digital transformation is a tool, not your destination." says our guest, Ellis Wang.

Ellis Wang

Board Of The Executive & Advisory Team
The Private Office of Sheikh Saeed bin Ahmed Al Maktoum


Digital Transformation

In this episode, we discuss how a high-tech health startup is shaping the future of neuroscience by transforming from a hardware company to a data company.

Fan Wu

VP Product Development
Diagnostic Biochips, Inc.

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Meet the host

Michele Cimmino

Founder & CEO, Lasting Dynamics

Michele started freelancing in 2013, after graduation from university. He is passionate about high-quality software development. In under 10 years, he turned his passion into a multinational organization without any outside investment: Lasting Dynamics. Today, Lasting Dynamics has 3 offices globally with 100 employees. Michele also started the Lasting Dynamics Academy to train developers with a high-quality, agile mindset. He is awarded as the Top Inspiring Leader of 2022 in the IT industry. He lives in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria. He likes to spend time in outdoor activities with the Lasting Dynamics team members and involve the HQ team in every activity.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is a process that any department of your business can get involved in and it can provide huge benefits in terms of increased efficiency, reduced response times, and greater customer engagement.
In the digital age, technology is essential to grow your company and keep up with the competition.

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